Customize your tool changer – simple via our configurator

You want to configure your tool changer according to your wishes and needs? Then start now with our new configurator for the TK-Square tool changer. With our configurator you can configure the perfect product with all modules for your desired application on your own, download the 3D model and a data sheet, and directly request an offer from the sales office.

New features

All standard models of the TK-SQ, all compatible add-on modules and connector strips as well as the required fastening material can now also be viewed and downloaded individually in the CAD portal. In addition, the CAD model can be opened and the data sheet can be downloaded directly from the product page on our website via the “CAD data / technical data sheet” button.

Configured in only 3 simple steps

We would like to meet your requirements and enable you to configure your tool changer according to your needs. Therefore, our experts have incorporated their know-how about the various requirements of the respective product into the development of the configurator. In this way, you can configure your desired product in three simple steps.

Use our CAD portal to select your desired size that you want to configure. You can start with the robot or the tool side and then transfer the configuration to the respective counterpart.

Let’s start

In the first step, you can select the desired tool changer that is to serve as the basic module under the “Basic data” tab. The selection can be made via the part number, the description or the technical data. Depending on which product you select, our configuration options will adapt.

Clicking on the “Next” button takes you to the next step – for the robot it is the “Modules” tab, for the tool side it is the “Centering for rack” tab, if a tool rack is to be used. Here, the amount of centerings as well as their position on the tool changer can be specified. All changes are transferred directly to the 3D model. All required mounting materials are also included automatically.

In the next tab “Modules”, an add-on module or a connector strip can be selected from a drop-down list for each assembly point. Only those modules are displayed that can actually be mounted due to their size and interference contour. The dependency between several elements, which may not be mounted next to each other, as well as the required mounting material is also taken into account.

Under “Summary” you will find the completion of your configuration. From here, the CAD model as well as the technical data sheet of the configured model can be downloaded. In addition, the configuration can be sent directly to our sales via the “Request a quotation” button.

Now it’s your turn

Conveniently configure your desired product. Our IPR sales team will be happy to assist you with your configuration. Please call us at +49 7262 9239-100 or send us an email at – we will create your desired TK-Square together.

Have fun configuring!

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